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[audio]Elektro Jugend Kollektiv "Automatic Amphetamine Absorption" [KEMn66] - Elektro Jugend Kollektiv

Keywords: power-noise
Downloads: 1,705
[audio][ffs64] Sprog - Auto-Discipline (EP) - Sprog
From the artist: Auto-Discipline is the first EP of the Sprog project, the previous productions seemed a bit too diverse, and didn't have the same "in-your-face" core. I had to wait long time, more perseverance and discipline to say: ok, I have my own sound. This album was born in atmosphere of tension (national and international), and I think it's the product of hostility & violence that we know recurrently in modern city, that's why it looks loud, hard, and pessimist a little bit...
Keywords: Power Noise
Downloads: 1,406 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Muerte Subita - qichan
power noise.
Keywords: power noise
Downloads: 395
[audio]Sera - Buddhist on Fire
power noise.
Keywords: power noise
Downloads: 186
[audio]Power Noise - Power Noise
Power Noise
Keywords: Power Noise
Downloads: 23
[audio]GLUE is not BLUE - MYLO EPi - GLUE is not BLUE
mp3 album
Keywords: noise; power noise; experimental
Downloads: 48
[unknown]Mandragora's Chain & Mushroomwavved Collar-Self-Store - drill records [019]
Split album "Self-Store" is the reflection of the modern world, occupaied by Consumerism, and it is leads to the devastaion of the human mind and soul, leaving only a production line of life's system "produce-sell-buy-obey", and total mental degradation what came after that, when people's personality is anilhilated by the market economy.
Keywords: experimental; power noise
Downloads: 55
[audio]structura - Chemin de fer [mimi039] - structura
A voyage were "the word" complements the exploration and sound modulation.
Keywords: Spoken Word; power noise
Downloads: 6,583
[audio][ffs29] Noisebleed - The Message For The World - Noisebleed
From the artist: All that you need to know about the ideological context of the release is contained in the gesture illustrated on the front cover. Musically, "The message..." is various kinds of noise - pure sound torture, industrial DHC with vocals and even the cold ambient. Most of the tracks are results of spontainous recordings and contain a lot of improvisation.
Keywords: Noise; Power Noise
Downloads: 6,847
[audio]Do Not Look Back - mauler_mauler

Keywords: power noise, ruszud
Downloads: 1,876
[audio][Siro358] Painburn - Heterogenic Suffering - Sirona_Records
Painburn - Heterogenic Suffering (ZIP) 160kbps - April 2012 Industrial / Power Noise Tracklist: 01 - Returning 02 - Tear 03 - Happyness To Kill 04 - Death Is The Future 05 - Tools 06 - Bombmaster 07 - Infinity 08 - The Experience (Jimi Hendrix Remix/Cover) 09 - Ritual 10 - DeadZone 11 - Dietrology 12 - Sephirot's Theme Pt1 13 - Duing Show Total: (49:55) Painburn Website Sirona-Records Website
Keywords: Industrial; Power Noise
Downloads: 11,167
[audio]macabro - Drink To The Drowned Ones [BP021] - bypass Label
An electronic project from Latvia founded by macabro in 2006. As the time moved on the music has seen an evolution from harsher noisy sound to warm ambient atmospheres. Now he mainly experiments with drones and field recordings, along with using a huge variety of different sounds and self-made samples, such as bells, whistles, xylophones etc. The newer works might even be considered as guitar ambient, although guitar sound is fairly modified, sometimes to an unrecognizable degree...
Keywords: Ambient; Drone; Power Noise
Downloads: 12,847
[audio][ffs126] Sprog - Mental Circus - Sprog
Third EP from sprog. Works inspired by tensions, conflicts and wars that officially don’t exist. Rough noise, hostile atmosphere, loud and martial rhythm.
Keywords: martial; power noise
Downloads: 4,703
[audio][ffs95] Sprog (feat. Hyena) - Civilites - Sprog
From the artist: This little piece of urban poetry is based on common roots and interests in music between Sprog and Hyena, inside you will find: some fun, noize, french lyrics (sorry for the rest of the world), tortured guitars, noize, female vocals (yeah!), noize again, dark feelings, love for humanity, and of course a touch of punk, oi! The first song: nOI!ze is a cover from the last resorts song, so don't panic if you hear the word: "skinhead"...
Keywords: Power Noise; Electro-Noise
Downloads: 3,940
[audio][xs 32] Ruins Winter - Natural - Ruins Winter
Going into the japanese hardcore power noise of people as masami akita, this argetine project ruins wintar - natural ep gives us a set of 3 moments of pure noise, in an active nuclear charge, To listen with care
Keywords: hardcore power noise; doom; experimental
Downloads: 255
[audio]TRICIZM - crablouse - TRICIZM
Latvian country music
Keywords: power noise; noise; experimental; tricizmic
Downloads: 72
[audio]Nihil Obstat - The Undying Dream (ca124) - Nihil Obstat
Two long form power-noise / industrial/ / dark ambient tracks, consisting of many different compositions created between 2005 and 2008. This LP is (for the moment) being offered as a free download, to determine if people are interested in any and/or all of the sonic elements found within these two tracks. Although the tracks are synthetic, they also contain traces of highly distorted vocals, guitar manipulation, and field recordings, thus adding additional dimensions to compositions that are not...
Keywords: power-noise; industrial; dark ambient
Downloads: 3,264 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][Siro036] RedSK - Liquor Store Raid Remixes - Sirona_Records
RedSk - Liquor Store Raid Remixes 320kbps - April 2011 Glitch / Harsh / Power / Noise 01 - Liquor Store Raid (Badladee & Grizwolf Remix) (00:08) 02 - Liquor Store Raid (Hospitality Remix) (1:49) 03 - Uz'baldo Robbed The Liquor Store (Mixed by Portattakk) (2:19) 04 - Liquor Store Raid (Vlue Remix by Vlue) (2:30) 05 - Liquor Store Raid (Sober Mix by Ostas Kontrole) (2:43) 06 - Liquor Store Raid (Insomniscene Remix) (3:07) 07 - Liquor Store Raid (Havoc On Fire Remix) (3:12) 08 - Liquor Store Raid (...
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Power Noise; Glitch
Downloads: 1,323
[audio][ffs36] Various Artists - Far From Music - Various Artists
"Far From Music" is our first compilation. Each track was exclusively made for this release. Inside you'll find various genres of noise music.
Keywords: Noise; Power noise; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 2,525
[audio][Siro071] GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] - ANACHRONI[S]M - Sirona_Records
GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] - ANACHRONI[S]M 192 to 320kbps - June 2011 Power Noise / Noisescape / Electronica Tracklist: 01 - ANACHRONI[S]M (5:18) 02 - NO [AUTHORITARIANISM] (4:41) 03 - ALIBABA & LES 40 VOLEURS (4:36) 04 - EXOTIKO ROMAN[TIK] (3:53) Total: (18:29) GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] Website: http://soundcloud.com/dj-giusy-la-dingue Sirona-Records Website: http://sirona-records.com
Keywords: Noisescape; Electronica; Power Noise; Industrial
Downloads: 2,914
[audio]DEAD #339 - DEAD EP - DEAD #339
DEAD #339 is industrial machine sounds, horror movie samples, screeches, and gloomy irritating noises composing harmony. From a bleak and disheartening repetitive waltz to a hard-hitting, maddening, momentum track, the music is an emotional outlet. Each track is dismal, downward, and harsh that escorts the listener down a path from which none can truly revisit. The background is cluttered with horror and slowly a new eerie sample is added until the chaos controls all...
Keywords: breakcore; rhythm & noise; power noise
Downloads: 796
[audio]Proletari - Proletari
Keywords: Industrial; Rhythmic noise; Power Noise
Downloads: 13
[audio][ODP024]Unison + Mantis Mating Call - Shakti [2007]
The first common release from ODP and TAON includes tracks by two brutal electronic projects - Unison and Mantis Mating Call to celebrate the successful ending of the protest actions devoted to the freedom of the tiger Shakti.
Keywords: rave; breakbeat; power noise; industrial; bulgarian; odp
Downloads: 52
[audio]electronic warfare w/ helosix e0016 - helosix@gmail.com
Weekly Radio Show/Podcast featuring cutting edge EBM, Industrial, Electro, Darkwave and more. See helosix.net for more info.
Keywords: ebm; industrial; electronic; electro; power noise
Downloads: 978
[audio]cscmost_therobotdanceexperiencever20 - omni-shadow-topia
Well this is my latest song i made and is one of my first real song that i work a lot on since many month now with all the quixit made with the nice people of www.em411.com i have learn more the basic of druming and how to use more effectivly the sample i have to the max thnax to the em411 gang you are all the best
Keywords: robot groove; robot; power noise; noise
Downloads: 184
[audio][ODP017]Mantis Mating Call - Eat The Weak [2006] - Mantis Mating Call
Eat The Weak is the debut album of the power noise project created by AyanamisSlave. The project and the release in particular is inspired by the micro world that even the bigger species like us try to evade. Insects are said to have no emotions or intelligence whatsoever, but MMC propagates the opposite: Insects DO have feelings and they DO have intelligence, only their ideals and purposes are too different for any human to comprehend...
Keywords: power noise; noise; odp; experimental; industrial; bulgarian
Downloads: 123
[audio]Worms of the Earth - The Right To Choose - Worms of the Earth
A collection of B-sides from industrial project Worms of the Earth
Keywords: industrial; power noise; pro choice; electronic
Downloads: 241
[audio]Edgeist-Spiral EP - Edgeist
Pulsating noises for this power noise release by Edgeist. Metallic and harsh atmosphere of industrial, mechanics, sonic rhythm and grinding effects, harsh noisy beats and corroding electronic. more infos -http://www.edgeist.net
Keywords: power noise; harsh; industrial; corroding electronic
Downloads: 7,461
[audio][ODP023]Sakura Noise - Red And Splattered [2007] - Sakura Noise
After their destructive participation in "Noisematosis" split, Sakura Noise are back to present their debut solo release on our label. In "Red And Splattered" if you will hear a painfully rhythmic, sick and distorted mixture of power noise and industrial.
Keywords: industrial; power noise; rhythmic noise; odp
Downloads: 196
[audio][mi059] - structura - Erlebniss
Recorded live in January 21th, 2006 at Passos Manuel - Porto | Portugal. This album contains text cut-ups from Camus "O exílio e o reino, O renegado", Platão "Republica", Bernardo Soares "Livro do Desassossego" andBekett "Malone está a morrer". Sound cut-ups from Xenakis, Nagra, Artaud, Al Coran.
Keywords: Power Noise, Spoken Word, MiMi Records
Downloads: 4,348
[audio][ODP025]Sakura Noise - Deformed Generation [2007] - Sakura Noise
Sakura Noise are here again. As unexpected as usual but as brutal as always. Their new release is called Deformed Generation. This time vocalized the tracks are an unreal mixture of electronics including industrial, ebm, techno even noise.
Keywords: power noise; industrial; ebm; techno; noise; odp
Downloads: 147
[audio][ffs127] DEAD#339 - Dead - DEAD#339
From the artist: Industrial machine sounds, horror movie samples, screeches, and gloomy irritating noises compose the harmony that I produce. Each track is dismal, downward, and harsh that escorts the listener down a path from which none can truly revisit from. The background is cluttered with horror and slowly a new eerie sample is added until the chaos controls all.
Keywords: rhythmic noise; industrial; power noise; distorted techno
Downloads: 2,758
[audio][Siro439] PL433 - Sick Uok
PL433 - Sick Uok (ZIP) 283 to 307kbps - July 2012 Glitch / Industrial / Chiptune / Lofi / Power Noise Tracklist: 01 - BORANDOM2 02 - Disagio è bello 03 - Slim Algorythmic 04 - S/C 0verdrive 05 - Uok Disease 06 - Uok Iz Dead 07 - Chaosidentityvacuum 08 - HotopicC3 Total: (16:21) PL433 Website Sirona-Records Website
Keywords: Glitch; Industrial; Chiptune; Lofi; Power Noise
Downloads: 7,332
[audio]In Broken Key - Autumn Birth LP [exp002] - In Broken Key
Powernosie breakcore.
Keywords: Experimental; Drum and Bass; Breakcore; Power Noise
Downloads: 9,962 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio][Siro344] 2nnt - Brutalcore II - Sirona_Records
2nnt - Brutalcore II (ZIP) 320kbps - March 2012 Hardcore / Noisecore / Slowcore / Power Noise / Industrial Tracklist: 01 - Raise Your Bloodpressure 02 - Antique Program 03 - Blood Beat 04 - You Fucking Pussies 05 - Speed Is For Faggots Total: (11:36) 2nnt Website Sirona-Records Website
Keywords: Hardcore; Noisecore; Slowcore; Power Noise; Industrial
Downloads: 7,107
[audio]Skk - Krovo
Krovo's first album.
Keywords: electronic; rhythmic noise; noise; power noise; psychedelic power noise; psychedelic; morphing; evolving
Downloads: 62
[audio]NRG 01 Schizo - Noise Research Group

Keywords: noise; abstract; avantgarde; experimental; power noise; rhythmic noise
Downloads: 60
[audio]NRG 03 Amp - Noise Research Group

Keywords: noise; abstract; avantgarde; experimental; power noise; rhythmic noise
Downloads: 19
[audio]a case of war - Lith
minimalist and rythmic electro-industrial electronic music.produced in 1999 by Sinik Department (FRANCE)
Keywords: lith; noise; industrial; acid; power noise; electronic; ecology
Downloads: 156
[audio]Royce Icon - Nuclear Squid Attack - royce icon
royce icon brings us a glimpse into the diy world of a wonderfully strange electronic world. give this a listen.
Keywords: panda; breakcore; power noise; rhythmic; beats; drums; electronic; idm; pulse
Downloads: 118
[unknown]The Contagion Throne [demo] - Schlachtfeld
The Contagion Throne demo by Schlachtfeld
Keywords: schlachtfeld; contagion; throne; industrial; metal; electronic; power noise
Downloads: 6
[audio][SM]ORCHESTRA - The violence place
In the given work children's fears and a pain of loneliness are displayed. Sexual violence and psychological pressure. The author spends the listener from an easy hint on approach hurt, up to peak, painful crescendo! Gradually the theme of a sound landscape is replaced by a certain immersing in an easy trance, the victim of violence as though restrains to the certificate and even, to the shame, starts to realize, that tests pleasure from a caused pain...
Keywords: HAZE; Hoise; Ambient; Art Noise; Power Noise; Industrial
Downloads: 258
[audio]AB-007 Hezzel "Under Pressure"
Hezzel "Under Pressure" Style: rhythmic noise / electro Cat#: AB-007Size: 92 MB [MP3] Released: 17.01.2009Debut album from Hezzel consists of different substyles of industrial music, blended together in one 40-minutes long compilation.
Keywords: absetzer; hezzel; rhythmic noise; power noise; industrial; free music; netlabel
Downloads: 96
[audio]AB-006 Protuberanzed "Doomsday Machine"
Protuberanzed "Doomsday Machine" Style: rhythmic noise Cat#: AB-006Size: 74.3 MB [MP3] Released: 15.08.2008Doomsday Machine is a hypothetic device that could destroy the life on Earth or even Earth itself when the machine is activated - it's the apotheosis of mutual guaranteed destruction doctrine.
Keywords: absetzer; protuberanzed; rhythmic noise; power noise; industrial; free music; netlabel
Downloads: 43
[audio][ODP030]Asimo + Fero Lux - Rotten Record vol 1 [2007]
In 2007 we showed you the 'Noisematosis' 4 way split, now we are presenting you Asimo and Fero Lux's 'Rotten Record Vol. 1' split. Harsh and rhytmic noise in eight tracks that will definitely blow your head and torture your speakers.
Keywords: noise; harsh noise; rhythmic noise; power noise; hardcore; bulgarian; odp
Downloads: 85
[audio]Infektion :X Episode 10 - Dj Rot & Dj Lynn
Infektion :X 10 is a older episode from infektionx.
Keywords: industrial; ebm; dance; noise; power noise; stomp; aggrotech; technoid
Downloads: 205
[audio]NRG 02 Untitled - Noise Research Group

Keywords: noise; abstract; avantgarde; experimental; power noise; rhythmic noise
Downloads: 136
[audio][AB]-120 Verdroid vs DJ Kaos split (2012)
10.02.12: Belgium/British devastation! Verdroid /Belgium/ vs DJ Kaos /United Kindom/ split! Fast terrorcore beats, harsh noise glitches, broken bones... www.soundcloud.com/verdroid http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001299079457 http://abandonmentlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: Verdroid; DJ Kaos; Harsh Noise; Industrial/Power Noise; Abandonment
Downloads: 145
[audio]Mikhail Lezin / Booby Mason - Cement dust [split] - Mikhail Lezin / Booby Mason
************************************************************ Tracklist: a1 - Mikhail Lezin - Jazz Guitar In Geometric Progressions (09:18) a2 - Mikhail Lezin - Hot Nurse Makeup (05:29) b1 - Booby Mason - Autumn Madness (02:59) b2 - Booby Mason - Autumn Dust (07:56) Total time: 25:44 ************************************************************ Mikhail Lezin - guitar, self-made distortion, synth, bass, sounds; Recorded at UchBot records, Togliatti, 2010 myspace.com/mikhaillezin *******************...
Keywords: harsh noise; power noise; post-industrial; psychedelic; experimental; kubotrop; russian
Downloads: 176
[audio][ODP031]Suicide Fetish - Weapons Of Mass Pwnge [2008] - Suicide Fetish
The full-length record "Weapons Of Mass Pwnage" - is the debut of Suicide Fetish in ODP. 18 tracks, over 70 minutes of pure necropwnage. Rhythmic noise, power noise, noise, noise and noise that will make your ears bleed.
Keywords: power noise; rhythmic noise; industrial; suicide fetish; odp; bulgaria
Downloads: 822 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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